Thursday, April 3, 2014


Sometimes you can tell that a developer's heart is in the right place with a game and that their ambition has just outstipped their ability or resources. The idea behind Mercenary Kings is sound and given more time, talent and money it could have been a great game. Let me be clear, what is here is not bad, it is just spread far too thin. Weapon upgrades are spread pretty far apart, time wise, due to the amount of grinding for materials required. The grinding would not be as grindy if there were more environments. After around five hours of play I have only seen three, and apart from the third being a sly nod to Elevator Action, there are boring to look at and be in.

The pace of the game is just too slow for its own good. Speed up the weapon upgrades by lowering the requirements. Spend less time in the same levels by eliminating most of the boring fetch missions. Shrink the levels themselves and make more of them. In other words, turn Mercenary Kings into Metal Slug 3, which is not a fair thing to ask for.

I have not decided how much more of the game I am going to play. Yaiba is here, but it is supposedly bad. Lords of Shadow 2 is also here, but that is also supposed to be bad. Choose your poison, I suppose.

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