Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Evil cleavage

Nothing accompanies personal melodrama and malaise like a Deception game.

Last night I lured some poor fool into a hidden bear trap, knocked him sideways with falling axe and then dropped a boulder on his head. The next person stepped on to a launching pad, had a pumpkin dropped onto his head and then wandered into falling spikes. Each contraption was more sadistic and ridiculous than the last and they made me smile every time.

There are problems: trap placement take more fiddling around than it should, the camera is almost always terrible and the characters' outfits are, shall we say, in poor taste.

...for some reason I have a thing for girls with two different colored eyes.


It fits in the same space of Time and Eternity, that is to say it is about as Japanese as a game can get. Thankfully Deception is not nearly as cute as Time and Eternity was. The not so subtle evilness of the past games is still here. You are still a minion of the evil one, luring people to their death. Right now the people dying all 'deserve' it but I will not be surprised when the righteous and innocent start ending up on the end of a spike or under a flame thrower.

I would not mind it if everyone involved was wearing more clothing, but that just means that I will never admit to having played the game.

Wait a minute...

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