Thursday, April 10, 2014


I don't think I understand Fulgore's design. The other seven characters are easily pigeon holed. Sabrewulf and Orchid are rush down, both with good mixups on block. Thunder is also rush down, but with a good long hitting low and command throw that can be really damn cheap when used correctly. Sadria spends more time in the air than any other character and is all about not knowing which side an attack is going hit. Glacius is Dhalsim minus the teleport, worthless in most peoples' hands but very good at higher levels. Spinal is a gimmick character and Jago is Ryu, working from both close range and up close.

And where is Fulgore? He does many of the same things that Jago goes. At first blush it appears that Jago does them all better plus Fulgore does not generate meter the same way other characters do. I like that his meter building is different and the ability to cancel one special into another at the cost of one 'pip' is pretty cool but I am not convinced that he is actually any good. He only has two openers and the dash punch (I think) is not safe on block. Translation: I had a hard time getting in with him and sitting back with fireballs works until the opponent remembers to jump or that some attacks are fireball immune.

After an hour I threw in the towel for the night, reverting to Thunder to gain back my lost ranks. I have not given up on Fulgore, I just need people more talented than myself to do some work with him. If I wanted to play Jago I would play Jago. Fulgore, right now, is just Jago with a cool costume and fewer manuals.


Medium in the new Arcade Mode is bullshit. Three characters in and I gave up. It breaks everything.

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