Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Not the right price

I have always liked Metal Gear games but not for the same reason that I think most other people enjoy them. The machismo melodrama always gets me. I damn near wept at the end of MGS3 and felt like saluting at the end of MGS4. Gameplay was always good enough to get me from cut scene to cut scene and, best of all, the stealth was almost always optional. Yes, Snake could sneak around in the style of the early Splinter Cell games, but if the situation called for it or if the player got lazy he could throw down, shoot a bunch of dudes, and move on with the game.

Guess which option I went with on more than one occasion. I never went back through levels to see all the little details that Kojima hid in silly places. I played the game with story blinders on - nothing to either side or off of the main path mattered.

They could get sappy and frustrating and incomprehensible but they have alway been enjoyable. Enter MGSV: Ground Zeroes. It is all these things in a tight little package that, and I hate playing the economics card, should have been half the price. It is the equivalent of a single mission that supports multiple play throughs (that I did most of, a big step for me). I am just very happy that I did not spend any money beyond my Gamefly subscription to see it.

The idea is sound, the price point is just a little too high. Imagine if Konami hadn't sold Zone of the Enders as a pack in with the MGS2 tanker level.

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