Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cram in more bosses!

The vast, vast majority of movie games are not good. Explaining this is simple: unfair restrictions based on release window and faithfulness to the property it is being tied to. It is a miracle that the Ultimate Spider-Man games have been playable at all, much less enjoyable. USM2 (an odd abbreviation) ran out of time before all of the requisite bad guys were fought. Someone panicked and stuffed Kingpin, Shocker, Green Goblin and Carnage all into the last hour of the game.

Why? Because they were in the movie.

The story, such as it was, only required Kingpin and Carnage. They at least made sense. The other two were blatant one shot tie ins. Even worse, the Green Goblin fight was pretty good. There was just no reason for it to happen.

It's a flawed game, one that I enjoyed because I wanted to enjoy it, not because of any intrinsic worth. With the proper blinders, or enough mental fatigue, anything that is not work related can be enjoyable.


I played about thirty minutes of Stick it to the Man after Spider-Man 2 was done. It was free, so why not. I would proffer an opinion, if I had one, but as it sits I have no idea what I played and if it was any good or not. Part rudimentary platformer, part adventure game, all bizarre. It warrants a second look, and it will get it, but I really should be practicing for UFGT. The KI scene is not very large and with my luck I will be up against Maximillian in the first round.

At least I would get a dood out of it.

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