Monday, May 19, 2014

Feelings. Nothing more than...

After Chance's review of Second Son I was prepared to be underwhelmed. InFamous 2 is one of the only games that managed to make me regret a decision I had made. My Cole was the electric Palpatine, murdering street musicians by the hundreds just because he liked the sound it made when the fried. There was a painful twist at the end of the second game, in which good and evil side kicks switched and I had to kill Zeke, that I did not enjoy. Nothing after that mattered. It was as impressive as it was depressing.

This lingering regret led me to play Second Son as the good guy, the newly forged conduit intent on making things right and not taking the low road of revenge. It was not a difficult choice, the game really leads the player in that direction. Delsin is a pretty likable guy and him murdering civilians the same way Cole did just didn't feel right. Murderous rampages by skinny jean wearing hipsters just don't happen, even if the hipster has smoke powers and can fly.

Second Son is not a large of game as either of the previous games. This sounds like a bad thing but I was able to find and do everything the game had to offer in a reasonable amount of time. I found all the blast shards, did all the side missions, basically gutted the game, all before the credit rolled. There wasn't much fluff and I will take that over a bloated experience full of things that I will never do or see. This does meant that New Game+ is nonexistent and that you never get to play with the concrete powers earned from the final boss, but said powers are pretty lame.

Correction, two of the four powers were pretty lame, the other miss being video. Smoke and neon were used exclusively, neon for moving and sniping and smoke when I had bosses to fight.

Misses aside I looked forward to playing Second Son for the duration of the game. Every evening I would sit down and map out which sections of Seattle I was going to liberate. These side missions were just as much fun as the main ones because the city sections were open enough for random things to happen. Example: I was chasing an enemy agent who led me out of a relatively safe area into a DUP stronghold. My merry chase tuned into running for my life, pursued by three helicopters and a bunch of drug dealers I pissed off at the same time. It was excellent and completely unplanned.

The one thing that I would have liked would have been some kind of tie to the previous two games. There was no mention of Cole or the beast of the fact that the entire east coast was wiped out. Second Son felt more like a reboot that a sequel. Zeke was mentioned in the credits, meaning that the good ending of inFamous 2 was the canon ending, but I never saw or heard him. I was too busy being the goody two shoes smoke hero to worry about the east coast, anyway. be fair I just watched the evil ending and it was fucking stupid. Just like the powers the game hits on 50% of what it tries. I got lucky and picked the better side of things.

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