Thursday, May 22, 2014


I have dropped three ranks in Killer Instinct and about 500 BP in Street Fighter over the last few days. This means that I am getting all of the bad play out of my system, right? Right?


To stop the bleeding I played about an hour and a half of Outlast: Whistleblower last night. My reaction to Outlast was a bit more tempered than most - it had a some good moments, some terrible chase sequences and a bull shit ending. Whistleblower gets right to the bull shit ending, gets it out of the way, then works backwards through the areas that were actually frightening from the main game. It works because I know that the worst of the game is behind me.

Outlast was best in its quiet moments when the player thought something was going to happen and nothing did. It built the suspense better than it delivered on it because the delivery was always the same - jump scare or chase sequence. Whistleblower has yet to take any time building anything, it is just one chase followed by another. The first was a new character, one wielding a bone saw and screaming 'FEED ME FEED ME FEED ME' as he chases you, and he was creepy the first time. Then he came back.

Then he came back again.

After that the naked knife murdering twins made an appearance. They don't chase you, they just talk about chasing you. The last thing I saw before I quit for the night was the giant dude with no lips. Whistleblower is more of the same from a slightly different point of view and even less frightening due to it familiarity. It is so busy pushing the player from one contrived scare to the next that it never builds any tension.

Correction: the itch guy was creepy. I cannot find a video of him without any narration. Suffice to say, he has an itch, and he has a secret to tell you.

Are you his friend? He has an itch.

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