Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Killer drops

Fair warning, there is going to be a lot of fighting game talk in the next week and a half as I cram for UFGT. Work on other games will come in spurts. I really shouldn't have purchased the Outlast expansion, hopefully it will be short.

At low to middle player tiers the execution requirements of Killer Instinct are almost nonexistent. Every engagement becomes a little game of rock, paper, scissors. Predicting your opponent and not being predictable is the whole game. Better players throw in manuals, the equivalent of one frame links, and those are very difficult to break. The risk/reward issue disappears when the player has godlike hands. I am not nor will I ever be there, but more importantly neither are most of the people online.

All of this means that good days vs bad days is almost entirely mental. Are you making better decisions that the other guy? If yes, then you will win. If no, then too bad for you. I played an hour last night (because that was as long as I could resist inFamous' sirens call) and was playing completely past my ability. These are matches that I will post not just because they were me but because they were damn fine matches.

To top it off I was dropping combos all over the place and still winning. The American Reset in action. If I could bottle that, condense it, then whip it out in a week there would be hope for a more than an embarrassing performance at UFGT. I might even win two games.

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