Thursday, May 15, 2014

Powers I will never use

Awwwww shit...

Blanka's got combos now.

Just sent in my $10 for the Ultra Street Fighter IV pre-release tournament at UFGT. I will consider it a success if I land crouching medium - crouching medium - fierce ball. That ultra combo is juuuust a little past what I can do.


I am still going to the climbing gym once a week in spite of two of the people that I climbed with moving to Colorado and the other two people disappearing. Just me and an auto-belay. This keeps me off of the hardest routes, which is fine because the trade off is climbing slightly easier routes more often. I actually get more climbing done in an hour and a half this way.

There is a downside to this - my hands are useless by the time I am done. On the bad days I can't even extend my fingers fully. Good for the pinchy holds, bad for playing video games when I get home. Translation: no fighting games. inFamous Second Son is almost done so I soldier through the pain last night to get my third power.

Not particularly worried about spoiler since the game is not new anymore, but just in case, you have been warned.

The powers were given to the player in the wrong order. Video is third and it is lame, doing nothing better than the previous two other than kill enemies on one fewer melee hit. It should have been first so it could be quickly discarded. Neon is okay for a middle power as it allows the player to generate either good or evil karma by just shooting dudes in different places. It also makes moving around the city much quicker than either of the other two.

Smoke looks the coolest, does the most damage at a distance, and did I mention that it looks significantly better than the other two? I should be able to finish the game off tonight, if I play it, and I am dreading being forced to use the video powers. Being catapulted out of satellite dishes just isn't as cool as running around like The Flash or drifting through tubes as a waft of smoke.

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