Friday, May 9, 2014


I am (probably) going to make an effort to be more prepared for UFGT this year. This preparation should have begun around twelve months ago. It did not, and here I am, about two weeks out, confronted with how bad I really am at two of the three games I will be playing. The third is the mystery game tournament, in which everyone is terrible and the name of the game is find one move and abuse the shit out of it, and I can do that.

To that effect I sat down and ground out almost three hours of Killer Instinct last night. I started at a nine rank out of forty, worked up to ten, dropped back to nine, and bounced back to ten. KI handles rank very well - the majority of ranked matches end up against someone within a rank or two. Every once in a while I was tossed a cupcake or was the cupcake tossed to someone else, both making it very clear that the division between player tiers in both absolute and vicious.

The better player usually wins. What more could you ask for in a fighting game?

I really, really want KI to survive and for that to happen season two needs to start sooner than later. Ranked play brings mostly Jago's and Fulgore's, with the occasional Glacius and almost never another Thunder. I secretly believe that Thunder may be on the bottom of the heap but I have put in too much time and am not good enough to switch characters now. Throw shenanigans all day, ever day.

Street Fighter should get my undivided attention tonight. inFamous is right there, already installed, begging for play time, so that is not going to be easy.

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