Wednesday, May 21, 2014

She's all growed up now

How did the next episode of The Walking Dead sneak out without me noticing? I'll tell you how: I have stopped paying attention because I don't care as much as I probably should.

Season 1 was played in five days straight after Microsoft gave away the first episode for free. I was hooked and I need it all as soon as possible. Season 2 I am playing along with everyone else. The separation between the episodes is not of an unreasonable length but it is more than long enough for me to start forgetting events, characters, and why I should care that Kenny is still alive. Slowly but surely it is losing me.

This last chapter was a bit more impactful than the last two but I do not like what is happening. Much of the first season revolved around Lee trying to protect Clementine, trying to preserve her innocence, her childhood, and still teach her how to stay alive. It came to an abrupt end when Clem had to shoot Lee in the face, but still, she was a child and behaved in a childish way. Season 2 sees Clem behaving as a tiny adult, tougher and meaner than most of the other survivors she meets. It just doesn't work for me.

At the very least the game is aware of this change and puts the spotlight on it with a conversation between Clem and Carver, the main bad guy of the section. It makes sense but I don't enjoy it - the character is suddenly less likable. She certainly no longer needs the players protection as she did in the first season. She's turning into a little Nathan Drake before out eyes, only more sullen and apt to watch Kenny literally bash someone's head in because, hey, why the hell not, he deserved it.

I know the game's tricks, having seen them all before. Without a character or two to latch on to all the zombies and personal tragedies in the world are not enough to keep me invested.

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