Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Swing, swing, splat

There comes a time in the day when, after fighting with servers and software and, worst of all, other vendors, that my brain ceases to function. It will no longer process any information more difficult that how to get my helmet on and just maybe to check my blind spot after turning out of the parking lot. Days like this are exactly what games like Amazing Spider-Man 2 are for. The game isn't that good, but it isn't that bad either. it just is, and that is about all I can handle at the moment.

Confession: I have not seen either of the Amazing Spider-Man movies. I didn't see the third of the last series, either, and I have no intention to. I am not a fan of Spider-Man; too much teen drama, too many 'witty' comebacks, and generally a weak cast of villains. The game, though, have always been pretty good: psuedo open world chewing gum with a host of side objectives that I will never do. Playable, enjoyable, disposable.

This is the first game to truly get the swinging right since Spider-Man 2 back on the oXbox and PS2, and they did it with a very simple innovation. The left trigger swings with the left hand and the right trigger swing with the right. It feels much more organic and manageable, and because of this the game actually requires webs to have something to attach to for swinging to work. No more swinging from the moon or the clouds. No building, no swing. Just traveling through the city is fun again.

One step forward, yes!

Side missions are randomly generated, not forced, but required. If you skip too many of them they expire, Spider-Man's reputation suffers, and eventually the flying cops start shooting at him.

Two steps back.

It's still fun and it is the first disc based game I have played on my PS4 since Knack. I need to justify owning the system some how.

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