Thursday, June 26, 2014

Don't make assumptions

A few minutes of research and reading into the Warsaw Uprising reveals that there is a hell of a story there to tell, one that I think could work quite well as a game. There is betrayal, indifference, atrocities, negotiations, broken truces, multiple enemies, it's got everything. The Germans are there, killing over 100,000 civilians, but the Russians are there as well, stonewalling outside efforts to help the Home Army so that Poland will simply be theirs for the taking after the war is done. It's a great, tragic, story, and the game tells almost none of it.

Instead of focusing on the Polish resistance the game stars an *gasp* American who is better at killing Nazis than everyone else in spite of being nothing more than a war correspondent. This is especially surprising because CI Interactive is a Polish developer whose head quarters is in Warsaw. What the hell?

I know why this happened: it is just pandering to the biggest shooter market. They assumed that no one would play the game without a strapping young space marine (without the armor) in the starring role. It's insulting. Tell a good story in a game that is fun to play and people will play it. Release a shit game after years of development hell and no one will notice.

To be fair to CI, this may not be entirely their fault. I do not know how much money Bandai Namco allocated to the game. If it is more than none I am sure they had their part in ruining it. Bad games usually don't make me angry. I play so many of them that they fade quickly into memory. Enemy Front pisses me off because it just scratches the surface of a lesser known story and then decides that the player is either too stupid or too western hemisphere centered to go into any detail.

This is more than a bad game. It's just bad.


20 million + on Resogun. Oh yeah.

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