Friday, June 20, 2014

Important lessons

Mango - habanero wings + Guinness + going to the climbing gym = incredible heartburn and future intestinal distress. I am not sure why this came as a surprise to me.

Installing Words With Friends on my Windows Phone was a bad idea. People are serious about that shit and get mad when you don't make a move for a few hours. This should also not have come as a surprise.

I don't want to play Bound By Flame anymore but I am too close to the end to quit. What I want to try out is 60 Second Shooter on the XBox One. It is Geometry Wars with a time limit and, from what I hear, just as addicting. If it truly is good then I will need to take back my disparaging remarks about indie games.

$5 is the right price. Even if there was no hope of quality I would spend $5 just out of curiosity. If a game costs right around the same as a trip to Taco Bell it is difficult to turn down.

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  1. Oh my God you changed your header image. I like it!