Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Many years too late

Question: Is it possible to make an ugly game using Cryengine?

Answer: Why yes, it is, and I am playing it now.

How do you take the engine that the Crysis series is built on and make it look like a first generation Xbox 360 game? This travesty is either an intentional punishment for people who are still playing World War II shooters or the result of rampant substance abuse in its development team. There is very little going on visually yet pop in is rampant. Not texture pop in like earlier versions of the Unreal engine, I am talking draw distance pop in where trees, enemies and entire building suddenly spring into existence.

Someone pitched this game without a game engine attached. There is a kernel of an idea here, a war game centered around a journalist instead of a soldier, but that is lost as soon as the journalist picks up a gun and murdering nazis like everyone else in the game. Still, the game was green lit and all of the money allocated to it was spent licensing the engine. Cryengine must come without instructions because no one figured out how to use it. It is a manual transmission sports car that the developers treated like the beater automatics they drive to work in.

Enemy Front was supposed to have come out at the end of 2012. It would have been bad then. Now, up against new hardware, it should have been mercy killed and never seen the light of day.

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