Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My people!

Getting work done in Watch_Dos just got much, much more difficult. It's not the game's fault. I am actually enjoying it more as the story slowly begins to get moving. The protagonist is being revealed to be even less of a nice guy than we have been led to believe but I really think that he will be redeemed before the final act. And driving at breakneck speeds through 'Chicago' has yet to get old. Turn a corner while be chased by half a dozen cops, pop up a roadblock, giggle as the stack up in a scene right out of The Blues Brothers.

This will most likely not get old.

I am not done with Watch_Dogs but Ultra Street Fighter 4 came out today and it demands attention. My character wasn't nerfed, I am interested in one of the new ones (Decapre because she is a charge character) and there is a renewed enthusiasm about that the game that is contagious. People are coming out of the woodwork, people who haven't played the game in a long time.

People who, in an odd twist, also play my character. Early reports are that ranked is currently a hive of scrubby Blankas. HP ball knocking down at any range brings all the boys to the yard. Blanka is best at frustrating people who don't know the matchup. As a service to the community, and because I want all the scrubby Blankas to go away, I will tell you everything that you need to know to beat 75% of them.

Block. Just block.

Blanka has no good high-low mixups. He is going to, in order of most to least common, ball at you from full screen (punishable on block), jump at you (block or know your anti-airs), hop in or over yo in attempt to throw (jab out of hop or tech throw) or LP ball into throw or jab XX electricity (tech throw or block). The last option is the only one that may have gotten better: close MK is now airborne which means it will blow up crouch techs. The LP ball is the only option that has two possible endings.

If you block long enough Blanka will do something unsafe. Punish that. Repeat.

And what do you do if the Blanka just sits there on the opposite side of the screen, punishes your poorly spaced fireballs with a slide, anti-airs your jump ins and uses EX-rainbow ball to escape your corner pressure? You are playing a mediocre Blanka (perhaps even me) but the answer is the same. Turtle him right back. Get a life lead and sit there.

And know you know why I may put actual work into learning Decapre.


Why the hell didn't this post yesterday?

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