Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Old habits

I was all set to continue with my litany of hate for Enemy Front, which it deserves, when out of nowhere it did something so unexpected, so charming, that I had to stop everything else to make sure that what just happened actually happened. It was a blitzkrieg from the blue and I could not help but laugh.

Most of the game takes place in bombed out streets and buildings. This is a staple of World War II shooters - everything is barely standing. I was clearing a building, putting brain dead AI nazis out of the misery, when a few shots went awry and made an oddly musical sound. It sounded like I had just shot a piano. So I stopped, looked around, and found that is exactly what had happened. There was a piano that looked like it had fallen through the ceiling and when I it the sound was perfect. It sounded exactly as I would imagine - a light crack followed by several strings vibrating, out of tune. I emptied a clip into it and laughed out loud.

The game went back to shit shortly thereafter. If nothing else it gave me a laugh.


There were a few weeks after the launch of the PS4 that I played Resogun every night. Chance and I were trading high scores, a battle that he won handily in the end, and I stopped playing because a good run at the game would take over twenty minutes and could be ruined after fifteen if you died or let the multiplier drop. Resogun Heroes, an expansion that costs all of 4.99, completely fixes that with a new survival mode. You are graced with one life and the game ramps up the difficulty very quickly. Best of all the score multiplier never resets itself. It is all or nothing from the very beginning and a good score run (for me anyway) only takes about six or seven minutes. Sixty Second Shooter also gets this exactly right, and I still like that game, but it does not look or control as well as Resogun.

Nightly score attacks are back. After one night I am ahead but who knows how long that will last.

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