Monday, June 23, 2014

Sifting for the good stuff

Bound by Flame became less interesting as I approached the end. Vulcan's (the main character) out of place foul language and bizarre attitude went from amusing to grating to stupid in the course of fifteen hours. Any longer and I would have really ended up hating him instead of just skipping his dialogue. The character of any value, and one of the two bright spots of the game, was Mathras. Mathras looks like other undead but he is closer to a classic lich that anything else. He ports his consciousness over to a new body when the current one wears out and has been around for thousands of years. Instead of becoming jaded with his immortality Mathras finds companions and events of importance and records them. As an eternal historian he holds a distinctly amoral point of view, one that the player can more identify with than the rebellious nonsense spouted by Vulcan.

He has *gasp* personality.

I said that there were two bright spots - in a game like Bound by Flame that is pretty good. The second is this guy (please ignore the huge lettering in the corner, this is the only good image I could find):

There is no reason to go into boring details about the story or even explain who or what this guy is. I don't care, just look at him - he looks awesome and, for me at least, is creepy as hell. The no eyes or nose bit is what pushed him over the edge for me. He doesn't fight well, I was able to cheese him to death with about 150 crossbow bolts, and he isn't animated all that well, but dammit, he looks cool.

Please don't watch all of this, the first 50 seconds will do.

There you go, everything good about Bound by Flame in two paragraphs. It was short, not terrible, but not good either and it had the wrong main character.

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