Wednesday, June 4, 2014


As I expected to happen I spent the entire evening getting to know Ultra Street Fighter 4. Training room time with Blanka proved that crouching medium kick does indeed link into itself for better hit confirms into ball but that I still can't for the life of me link it to Ultra 1. I spent no time with him online because I did not expect to suddenly find a new character.

Chamberlain, in practice mode, frustrated because he still cannot do cr. mp XX ultra 1: God damnit. Blanka sucks. Who is this Decapre person? Cammy palette swap, bleh, but wait, a charge character?

-- Time passes --

Chamberlain, who is now in love: easy BnB FADC combos that do 400+ damage? Where has this woman been all my life?!

Decapre's character design is terrible. I don't like how she looks, I don't like how she sounds - she isn't different enough from Cammy, design wise, in my opinion. How she plays, after all of three hours of play time, is civilization. Charge character, plus for me, with easy, long hit confirms, another plus for me, that does grown ass man damage, something that I have never had in a character before. I was not joking about 400+ damage BnBs. Behold, and this is no secret, anyone who spends any time with Decapre will figure this out:

Jump in HP - cr. MP - cr. MP X FP uppercut - FADC forward air throw = 407. The MPs feel like a two frame link but they may be even easier than that.

She also has a target combo into jump cancel air throw for just under 200.

She also has a quick overhead that does 100 stun (that doesn't combo into anything...)

She also can hit confirm a jab into a crouching jab crouching short X uppercut (FADC air throw is she has meter) not to mention her teleport shenanigans and air cannon drill that I don't know how to use yet. The only she doesn't have that Blanka did was really good buttons. Blanka's crouching medium and crouching fierces are really good anti-airs. His standing roundhouse also works as an anti-aire and his sweep has a much longer range and comes out faster than most people think. He has buttons for days. Decapre doesn't and if she doesn't have charge I am not sure how to anti-air yet.

The point of this gushing is that I, along with a lot of other people for the other new characters, am excited about Street Fighter again. It is time for me to have an actual pocket character instead of a bull shit Guile and bull shit Dhalsim that I whip out when all hope is lost. Decapre will not be top tier (she's no Cammy, but even Cammy was nerfed) but she is fun to play.

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