Friday, June 13, 2014

They try to catch me

There is a rhythm to most open world games. Player enters new area and can see nothing. Player unlocks map and side missions by doing something, sitting on top of viewpoints or hacking terminals or spray painting bill boards and prank calling the cops. Player then empties out new area before advancing with story missions, missions that eventually lead to a newer area and the cycle begins again. When it works, like it does in the later Assassin's Creed games and the InFamous games, it saves a little bit of exploration for the end game. InFamous: Second Son had the brilliant idea of hiding a collectible in the final missions. I couldn't get it before starting the missions and it drove me crazy but it kept me playing.

Watch_Dogs has shown its hand before river card has been dealt. I have now been everywhere and done all of the things that I care to do and am only half way through the campaign. Unless I magically unlock Milwaukee or Gary the game is out of real estate. It's still fun but the open world aspect is gone. I am now driving from mission to mission with no distractions in between. Spending this much consecutive time in the story is going to expose the game's weaker side. The vigilante is much more acceptable when he isn't talking. Listening to him whinge about killing gangsters is going to make me nauseous.

My hope is that when Ubisoft returns to this series, and you would be foolish to think that they will not, that it follows the Assassin's Creed path. Specifically, I am looking for pirates in a few years. Not software pirates, real pirates, cruising down the streets of an urban wasteland, pillaging, drinking, and just having a good time. Gather up the crew, stack them in a hooptie, and roll.

It was a stretch to get there but I am glad I found a way to post that.

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