Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Words to live by

It feels disingenuous to have a blog that is ostensibly about 'gaming' and not be talking about E3. There is very little outside of the Phantom Dust announcement, which we all knew was coming, that excites me. I am in full post new console let down. I don't want to see announcements for games that make my significant investment worthwhile, I want then in my grubby little hands right now. No more cross platform nonsense, I want cutting edge, graphically intense experiences that were not possible before. No more retro indies, no more slightly upgraded re-releases, no more collectors editions of games that are ten years old and that everyone has already played.

Give me the good stuff.

2015!? Fuck you, something this year.

Better, and I have the consoles to play both of those...

God damnit, Nintendo. No, I won't buy a Wii U. Not for that. Not for Bayonetta 2. Not even for Xenoblade Chronicles.

Well, maybe for Xenoblade Chronicles, but don't tell anyone.

E3 lost its luster from me when I transitioned from being a collector to a player who keeps nothing. I could not financially sustain all of the game that I wanted to buy so now I buy none of them and play all of them. This puts me, at best, a few weeks behind the curve. How can I get too excited about what is coming out in six months when I haven't finished Watch_Dogs yet, haven't started the most recent episode of Wolf Among Us and should be practicing Decapre and not forgetting how to play Killer Instinct?

It's impossible to keep up so I try not to look. Play what's in front of me, update the list, enjoy what I have regardless of quality. Words to live by.

Oh, and mash DP when in block stun. More words to live by.


  1. Something amazing this year? Did you not see the Far Cry 4 footage? It made my inner child grow chest hair.

  2. Dude, you have so much on your blog that I have no idea how you wrote it, much less how to keep up with it. Are you getting paid for these efforts yet?