Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dead and loving it

I was fully prepared to not like Murdered: Soul Suspect once I figured out exactly what it was. A mostly combat free puzzle-ish game with a dead protagonist trying to figure out who killed him? Sounds like Shadow of Destiny, one of those little PS2 games that nobody played but should have, only Shadow of Destiny killed you at the beginning of each chapter and you could prevent your own murder, Soul Suspect only does it once.

Then I actually played the game. In spite of the main character looking like he was removed from L.A. Noire due to a budget shortfall, what little combat there is being terrible and most of the actual game play consisting of collecting lots and lots of bits of junk, I am very much enjoying the game. This is not oh my god, this is the coolest thing evar, more of a chin stroking, well isn't that interesting, monocle adjusting thing.

Ronan, yes that is his name, is killed by the bell killer. No one knows who the killer is and Ronan cannot cross over until he figures it out. Boilerplate ghost story, check. Plus the story takes place in Salem, so witchcraft with be involved and the Devil himself will probably make a cameo. The interesting bit that has caught my attention is the way that the living world and the ghost world intersect. Ronan will turn a corner and the street will change from what the living see to the events of a previous tragedy. The city itself has a memory that he must contend with.

I fully understand that part of the reason to throw up 'ghost walls' that the player cannot walk through is to keep the experience focused but in the context of the story they make sense. It is consistent to itself and that is what really matters. The shine will soon wear off and I will complain about the combat, inscrutable puzzles the way the game keeps the player out of areas, but for now Soul Suspect is a thought provoking little game that provides a welcome respite from the crushing vacancy of summer releases.


  1. Aw :( I wanted you to shit all over this.

  2. Just finished it last night and it put together a good twist ending. I enjoyed it.