Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dodge this!

Two nights ago Pixeljunk Shooter turned a boss fight that could have been boring into an excellent homage to bullet hell shmups. It did not do it by simply filling the screen with bullets, as the way the ship controls if far to loose to navigate gaps just wider than the ship's own hitbox. No, the entire game changed, the controls tightened up, firing became automatic, and for about ten minutes Pixeljunk Shooter turned into Galaga - touhou edition.

Watch for the tear at the end and then hate yourself just a little bit.

The game never ceased to impress and I am indeed sad that it is finished. I do not have the patience to unlock the secret level - Sniper Elite III finally shipped and I am itching to shot mans in the kidneys - but I am in no hurry to uninstall it.

The PS4 is turning more and more into the system for small games. There are a lot of them and a great may of them are quite good. It is such a relief to have both major systems.

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