Monday, July 28, 2014

Too sweet

Every shooter has a sniping level. When they are done well they are a lot of fun, providing a change of pace from all the running around that fills the other levels. The player is forced to move slowly, plan ahead, pay more attention to the world around them. So if one sniping level is good why not make an entire game of them?

By the same logic, a cake made entirely out of frosting would be the greatest thing ever.

Sniper Elite III does not do this. It is not all frosting, nor is it all cake. It has pretty close to the same mix of elements as other shooters but they are not separated like they would be in Call of Duty or Battlefield. Instead the levels are so huge and open that just about anything can happen at any time. It can go from sneaky sneaky shooty shooty right to oh fuck, there are ten Nazis and a tank chasing me without warning. Then, after you die, it will not be the same.

It would be possible to run through a level with just a machine gun and an over abundance or reckless abandon but it wouldn't be any fun. The game is much better when the best laid plans either work perfectly, with the reward being a cross map shot to the melon, or when FUBAR sets in and the one enemy that you didn't take into account calls all his buddies to celebrate your foolishness.

If there is a downside it would be that levels take well over an hour each to complete and auto-saves can cost you quite a bit of progress. It is also a completionist's nightmare as it hides its collectibles a little too well. I am enjoying my save-less play through. What happens, happens, and I have to deal with it, even if that means taking on a tank with a sniper rifle.

Which shouldn't work, but it does.

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