Monday, August 4, 2014

Bad dragon, bad!

I had to take a break from Rogue Legacy over the weekend. I had to. There was a plateau that I couldn't get my head around, one that running headlong into the new area would not surpass. Grinding was in order and grinding was not what I was in the mood at all to do. Grinding in randomly generated areas is not terribly boring but I was craving progress. Level progress or progress towards end game and that was just not happening.

Free games to the rescue! Games with gold updated on the first of the month with two games that I previously passed on, Crimson Dragon and some other space game whose name I cannot remember right now. Yep, big games.

Crimson Dragon is just bad and that is without being able to compare it to any of the Panzer Dragoon games. I don't think I have ever played any of them, having never owned a Saturn, so I came at it with an open mind, expecting some sort of throw back arcade game. Even against that metric it isn't very good. One stick controls the dragon's movement and the other controls its aim. But the player never really has control over where the dragon is going, on rails shooter and all that, so movement is just dodging, and this can be handled better with the shoulder buttons or leaning back and forth on your couch if you are quite sure no one is looking back at you through the Kinect.

I understand that the on rails element is by design. On rails means that the game controls what the player sees which is not necessarily a bad thing, assuming there is something to show. Crimson Dragon's guided tour is either so fast that you can't see anything or so bland that there is nothing to see. It is a guided tour of nothing.

There is a Pokemon-esque bit with buying, training and evolving dragons. It would be more interesting if the game was longer and there was benefit to using different dragons. I almost finished the game in one sitting, stopping only because there was an issue with the download and the final level just wasn't there yet. I am not sure it will be worth the trouble to fix.

Sacred 3 cannot get here soon enough.

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