Friday, August 15, 2014

Das oldschoolen

Everyone once in a while I have a craving for ridiculous damage, unforgiving inputs, difficult to escape throw loops and counter picking shenanigans. There is only one cure for this: Super Street Fighter 2 (HD Remix).

I was never very good at the game when it originally came out but have fallen more in love with it as time goes by. It is so much simpler and more viscous than anything modern. Simple combos do obscene damage, but the same simple jump in X upper cut combo that you can do in your sleep in Street Fighter 4 is difficult enough that you have to always pay attention.

There are things some characters can do that just aren't fair. Balrog, Dhalsim and to a lesser extent Ken have throw loops that can very difficult to escape from. Old Sagat can lock most other characters down with properly spaced fireballs. Vega is bullshit.

But that is why it is fun. I played a two hour set with someone much better than me last night. The last thirty minutes turned into a poker match before the games even began. He had a very, very good Balrog but I could counter it with my Dhalsim. Noogie loops beat headbutt loops, apparently. To counter that he had a Vega that was infuriating. I countered that with Sagat, though in retrospect Blanka may have been a better choice. To round out the insanity his Balrog could beat my Sagat once I was cornered.

It went around and around this way until one of us would pick a random other character to break the stalemate. On one occasion he picked Zangief while I was still using Sagat and the results were just gross. It hurt me to do it but stopping was not an option. I had to take the wins where I could get them.

Eventually I had to stop because my wrist started to hurt. Playing command characters is not my specialty so hours of uppercuts with no shortcuts puts a bit of strain on the old wrist bones.

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