Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's like heroin

Originally I had no plans to play Diablo III again on the Xbox One. I had assumed that I would not be able to import my character and did not want to start over. Playing the original acts again just to get to the expansion seemed like a terrible bore. But behold! It is possible to export from one generation to another so I obtained a copy of the XB360 version and salvaged my monk.

Last night I installed the ultimate evil edition, downloaded my character, got all excited, and then found out that I could not skip right to the expansion. Suddenly I didn't want to play with my monk anymore.

Here's the problem: this is Diablo. Simply looking at it is enough to start the kill things for phat loots itch. I shouldn't have started over. I should have turned it off and started the new Tales game. But I wanted to know if it really was that much smoother on the new hardware and if the demon hunter class was any good and oh damnit where did the last three hours go.

Enough has been added to even the starting acts that it does feel like a new game. There are bonuses for kill streaks, gangs of glowing powered up versions of monsters that hunt you, better loot drops and I swear that you level up faster. My monk finished off the game at level 31 and my brand new demon hunter is level 10 before the end of the first act.

I don't know what to think of my new ranged character yet. His default attack does very little damage but I can drop an area effect that slows down enemies significantly, giving me time to backpedal and fire more arrows. It is certainly different enough from the monk to keep me interested.

Stupid addicting game.

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