Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Not looking good

Rogue Legacy got a loud, quite sincere well fuck this game last night. Three hours making runs at a the same boss will do that. I meant it, too, but I will not mean it tonight when the damn game sucks me back in. It has its tiny little claws in my head and it will not let go until I force my way through to the end. This does not mean that it will see many nights of contiguous play. It's good, but it still pisses me off, and PS4 controllers are much too expensive to send flying around the room.

A few days ago I expressed a desire for the new Sacred. I assumed that it was just like Sacred 2, which was just like the first Sacred, being semi-open ended action RPGs. You know, Diablo clones. That is not at all what it is. Sacred 3 is a linear brawler with minimal customization, minimal loot, and according to almost all the reviews, terrible writing, terrible voice acting, and juvenile, unfunny humor.

I must be fair, because I haven't actually played it yet, but why would anyone do this. It will still get played, albeit under protest, and skipping the Diablo III expansion because I would not be able to bring over my monk is looking it was not the right choice.

Where am I going to go to kill things for phat loot now? Oh yeah, Rogue Legacy.


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  1. Aw, see, first you had me playing it and now you've got me wanting to not play it.

    I found Proteus pretty boring. But I suppose that's not surprising. Went back to playing... well, you know. That game.