Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pending telephone?

Contrary to the Now Playing picture I am not playing Strike Suit Zero. I can't think if a polite way to say this: the game was balls. It was obvious that it started out its live as a kickstarter. Ship controls were implemented poorly, unless you were in mech from (which is pointless is the weightless vacuum of space, but that is besides the point) and then they worked. But the mech moved much too slowly to be of much use. Missions were all the same, capital ships were too powerful, there was a distinct lack of Mark Hamill getting drunk and over acting.

Call me when someone reboots Wing Commander. But do it quick, Mark isn't getting any younger and he could probably use the work after giving up his Joker gig.

I am also not playing Rogue Legacy. New Game + cranked the difficulty up to a ridiculous level. This is the point of a new game +, to give the game artificial legs, but I think I have seen all of the game that I need to see. Once you have played a midget lich queen with irritable bowel syndrome there is little reason to go back for more.

So what did I play last night? Just like everyone else who owned a PS4, I played P.T., got stuck in the very last room and was denied the revelation that it was a wonderful teaser for a new Silent Hill until this morning. Without that knowledge, that it is a game in one of my favorite and most beleaguered franchises, it was a terrifying little morsel. I haven't had involuntary shivers like that since Fatal Frame 2, and this wasn't even a game. It was a barely interactive, inscrutable piece of a game that packed more horror into two hall ways, two rooms and a bloody refrigerator suspended from the ceiling than Outlast managed in its entirety.

Knowing that it is a teaser for Silent Hill(s), that Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro are involved, fills me with hope and apprehension. This could finally be the game that tops Silent Hill 2, that literally keeps me up at night after turning things off for the evening. I want this. I have wanted it for a long time.

But when is it going to come out? And how do we know that Kojima isn't going to, well, go Kojima all over it? Silent Hill was best when it didn't bother explaining why terrifying things were happening. Why was pyramid head raping four legged mannequins? Because it was terrifying, that's why. Later Silent Hill games spent too much time on history and the details. The more the player knows the less frightening things become, even if when he or she knows doesn't make much sense. Let the player come up with his own insane explanations, don't provide thirty minute cut scenes that do the job.

It better fucking be good.


  1. "... that packed more horror into two hall ways, two rooms and a bloody refrigerator suspended from the ceiling than Outlast managed in its entirety."

    ...yeah okay that's true.

  2. Thank you! Oustlast was... AAA competence in search of a purpose.