Monday, September 15, 2014

Almost like Big Brother

I may not have had time to talk about it but progress has been made almost daily on Xillia 2. There are odd difficulty jumps, usually with optional bosses, but other than that it has been smooth sailing for the last ten to fifteen hours. Side quests outnumber main quests by three or four to one, not including money missions needed to pay off Ludger's impossibly large debt.

Each chapter unlocks three or four character specific events, some of which end up in splinter dimensions with a change the affects the character personally. These are interesting little 'what if' moments that really hit home if you played the first game. My favorite so far dealt with Leia and her nemesis from Xillia. Agria. Agria was one of the few actual villains in the first game: homicidal, sociopathic, just plain evil. Leia did her best to try to reason with her right up until end. Agria was dangling over a cliff after losing to the 'good' guys and Leia was holding on to her. Instead of accepting the embarrassment of being saved by her enemy Agria let go, pretty much flipping Leia off as she plummeted to her death.

In Leia's splinter dimension Agria came to her senses, allowed herself to be saved, and turned into an almost nicer person. She still kicks Leia in the shins every time they meet but that is the limit of her psychotic tendencies. Leia doesn't quite know what to do, but it is clear that destroying the splinter dimension kills every living being in it, including the new and improved Agria, Leia isn't happy about it.

Another bit ripe for drama in conflict: the original Milla is gone, replaced by a refugee from the first splinter dimension that Ludger destroyed. In the first game Milla had a bit of a thing for Jude, but this one like Ludger instead and Jude knows it. If this sounds a bit like high school drama bull shit, it is, but it puts known characters in difficult and awkward situations, and is therefore interesting.

In truth I am ready for the game to start winding down so I can play Destiny (like everyone else in the whole world) but Xillia 2 is not an RPG that will share time with anything else. I am in this for the long haul so every bit of nonsense drama is welcome.

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