Tuesday, September 30, 2014

And then poof, it was gone.

I received a message via Xbox Live last night asking if I was fine soling (in Destiny) or if I wanted some company. My reply was that of course I was fine soloing and that I was on the final story mission. Thirty minutes later I was done and I have no desire to play the game again.

This is shame because, with better story telling, the final mission would have been fucking epic. Your guardian steps out into a huge clearing, the dark heart of something beating in the center. Enemies come at you from all sides, growing in size and number, until the heart animates three giant statues who join the fray. It was finally a fight that lived up to things that Bungie had done in the past.

Only I didn't care because I did not understand what the heart was, why it was bad, why I was fighting in the first place, and why I should give a fuck.

Right up until the end I felt the game was entirely blase. The end upsets me because it is wasted. There is no story to build up to it and the only pay off is the game telling you to go and grind the old levels for better equipment. Yes, there are a few strike levels that I would have liked to try but I can no longer work up the desire to turn the game back on.

At least Forza Horizon 2 comes out this week.

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