Monday, September 29, 2014

Caution, fragile!

Destiny's servers, along with Call of Duty: Ghosts, were taken down last night by what I assume was a D-DDOS: douchebag distributed denial of service attack. The supposed culprits tweeted out their admission. Without any sort of manifesto or even list of demands I can only assume that did it because they are ass holes and didn't have anything else to do.

And I don't even like Destiny that much.

I am about a week behind everyone else in the levels and equipment areas. This means that multiplayer PvP is already impossible. I dropped into a few games over the weekend, dipped my toes in as it were, and was thrown out before I could even get used to things. The games ran fine, I was just killed so quickly and with such dominance that there was no reason to go back. Having success in muliplayer required much grinding in the single player and I am unwilling to dedicate time to the game beyond the story missions.

It is quite clear the Destiny is just not for me and that Bungie made precisely the game that they intended to. The made a game that they wanted to play, one that caters to groups of players who get together on a regular basis and alienates everyone else. Nothing here is by mistake. If you happen to be in the target demographic then you may never stop playing. I am playing the game wrong and the game makes no effort to please me. Honestly, I respect that.

Watering the game down with more single player content would have been pointless. I highly doubt anyone plays them through more than once. The strike areas are much more difficult, interesting and impossible without a few skilled friends. It does bother me that most of the content is in effect locked out for me but I will move on in a few days to a new game. The people for whom Destiny is intended will not and they will reap the benefits of their dedication in the form of bigger guns and better customization.

Do I like Destiny? No, as a single player shooter it is far below Bungie's Halo titles. But I can certainly see what will keep people coming back again and again as more content becomes available. I count myself lucky that there is any single player content at all. Remember Titanfall? Yeah, neither will anyone else once Destiny gets rolling.

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