Friday, September 5, 2014

In which Chamberlain plans a field trip

I am going to be in the Chicago area next week Friday for business reasons. Trust me, it is not nearly as interesting as you or I hope it would be. The important part is that it will eventually end and it will leave me about an hour from this place:

Thank you Max for bringing the Galloping Ghost arcade to my attention. I am very much looking forward to regressing in age by a few (quite a few) years when I walk through the doors. There was an arcade within biking distance of one of my childhood homes. When I had money, which wasn't often, some of it was always turned into tokens. This was the heyday of arcade fighting games - it was no unusual to see ten or more quarters up on MKII or Street Fighter II Turbo.

My arcade, Aladdin's Castle, died just like all the other arcades did: via slow and painful financial asphyxiation. If I was a rich man this is how I would spend my money. Buy a building, buy up all the arcade games and them pay someone to run it for me so I could spend my days sharing my electronic play ground.


Xillia 2 feels quite thin. There is not much happening yet and what little there is is separated by grinding jobs for money. Not money for weapons, money to pay off my tremendous debt, What has kept me interested so far is the return of almost all of the characters from the first game, One year has passed and the player gets to see what all of the heroes and some of the villains have done since then. My fear is that Xillia 2 is little more than an epilogue stretched out to forty hours of pointless quests and five hours of story.

Tales of Graces f did this but the epilogue was just that, an add on the full game. It worked very well as a good bye to characters that I had grown quite fond of. Don't get me wrong, Jude is just as likable as he was before but I have forgotten so much about him and everyone else from the last game that I feel like I am always missing something.

Time will tell, and the game will claim much of it. Somewhere in here I need to sneak a free PSN game in. Velocity 2X looks like my cup of tea. It has to be better than Super Time Force, the free Xbox One game this month, which was balls.

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