Wednesday, October 29, 2014

By jove, it does what it says

Remember what I said about Harmonix being staffed by miracle workers? (Or did I think about saying that and never wrote it down...) Anyway, some wise individual realized that the classical tunes were much more fun to play than the pop nonsense in Fantasia Music Evolved. This same wise person decided that the final two songs, the 'boss songs' as it were, should be original compositions. They were wonderful, both fun to hear and fun to play. If there was more classical DLC I would be more sold on the concept. There is not, and I have heard all that I care to hear and flailed all that I care to flail, so the game is now complete as far as I am concerned.

Fantasia has been the only motion-centric game I have ever played. Even games that have optional supports, like Alien Isolation and its leaning around corners, were always better served by the buttons at my fingertips. I will admit that standing in front of my television, turning on the Xbox with my voice, selecting the game (which was usually the hardest part) and starting it without touching the control felt very cool. I am incredibly late to the party on this, but that is fine because it my hesitance to jump in the technology has improved to the point that it actually works.

It is still a novelty. And the low ceiling in my basement is a definite hindrance. But it works and I had fun with a game that used it exclusively.


Why yes, I do feel like I have been a little too negative lately. How can you tell?

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