Tuesday, October 21, 2014

He'll never see me there

He walked right into the room, got a drink from the water fountain, and left. Either the alien can only see straight ahead or he was no longer hungry, having filled himself on replicant goo. Either way, I lived to see another ten minutes of the game, so it was a win for me.

I thought that I would use the Game DVR and streaming functionality of the Xbox One much more than I have been. Around eleven months in and that is the fourth video I have bothered saving and posting. Either interesting things just don't happen to me or I forget that it is there. I toyed with streaming briefly while playing Thief but I did no talking so people jumped in and quickly back out. Honestly, I prefer streams without the face cam and crude monologue. I am there to see the game and have no interest in how drunk/stoned/homophobic the person playing is.

In about a month I am going to do a year one retrospective on both consoles. The Xbox One has seen much more use but is it really better or do I pick up that controller out of habit? Is it worth paying for both Xbox Live and PS+? What has happened to my electricity bill since two 'always on' consoles took their places in my entertainment center? No to steal my own thunder, but the way Microsoft has leveraged achievements and how your list compares to your friends is the work of an evil genius. It is the first thing that I look at when I turn the system on and the last thing I check when I shut it down. They have perfected the metagame via a meaningless number.

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