Thursday, October 30, 2014

Too much, too soon

Shinji Mikami pitching The Evil Within.

'It's like Resident Evil 4, but, well...'

The Evil Within wastes no time at all with boring things like establishing characters or locations. Nope, it goes straight from 'possible disturbance at mental ward' to 'corpses suspended from ceiling being carved up giant chainsaw monster.' It's not bad but with nothing normal to be compared to the crazy stuff is less shocking.

Yes, it's gory. Yes, it's a little unnerving. So is a visit to the dentist, at least for me.

On the grand scheme of horror games this is much closer to Outlast that Silent Hill 1 or 2. 'Tis the season, though, so I will make the best of it. Resident Evil 4 was really good back on the GameCube, might as well play it again.

Now if I could fix this silly letter boxed aspect ratio.

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