Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ammo hoarding

In case anyone needed more proof that The Evil Within is just Resident Evil without the Stars, the ending boss fights culminated in an on rails, turret based fight and then a rocket launcher appears out of nowhere. Literally. Our hero, fighting a giant monster atop an even larger brain with said turret, is flung several football fields away and is impaled on giant barbed wire. Things are not looking good until a not-zombie holding a rocket launcher literally falls from the sky.

It is as if Mikami himself inserted himself into the game world and handed the player the tools to finish the game. The story is so incomprehensible that I could be told that this was indeed the case and would not argue. There are layers of realities, desperate final attempts to make the main baddie sympathetic and then a brain gets squished and everyone wakes up.

I would say that it was like Inception but all I have seen of the movie are trailers. I really should fix that one of these days.

But wait, the similarities don't end there. The final, most powerful weapon (aside from the rocket launcher which is unlocked by beating the game) is a magnum hand gun. Years of gaming instinct told me to hoard all of the bullets for the final boss. So I hoarded and waited. And waited. There was a final gauntlet consisting of three or four waves of enemies, each more vicious than the last, culminating in the return of the chainsaw guy from the beginning of the game.

I did not use the magnum.

Then the box headed 'I am not pyramid head' guy returned with his evil twin brother. I scrounged for arrow parts, set traps, chipped away at them with my pistol, and still not use the magnum.

And then a jeep and a rocket launcher fell from the sky.

This is not the game's fault, it is a reflex built up by years and years of being screwed in the final level of games because I did not have enough ammo to kill something. The game did not require that level of stinginess and I could have made things much easier for myself.

The list is good and full and there are things that I actually want to play on it. Unfortunately Driveclub is up next and feedback has not been good. I have little time for mediocre racing games. If the game is butts it is getting kicked to the curb.

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