Monday, November 10, 2014

Don't turn around...

The DriveClub experiment ended in a dramatic and altogether unpleasant manner on Friday night. Moving from a slower class of cars to a faster one always requires a period of adjustment. Good racing games ease the player into this or, even better, have the conceit of a rewind function to relieve the pain of doing well for four laps and plowing into a wall on the last corner of the final lap. I don't remember which racing game series first used rewind but it is a function that all racing games should provide, even if there is a significant penalty for using it. These are racing games after all. If I wanted real consequences I would drive my Spyder in an even more reckless manner.

...the bike is smarter than I am. It wont let me get it out of shape.

No rewind function is only part of the reason I uninstalled DriveClub in a huff and never looked back. The other is that I did not have a good enough car to actually do well in the new series. Cars are unlocked automatically at specific fame levels, this game's kudos or credits. The player does not get to choose which car to unlock. This is already bad, but cars do not unlock with respect to the series the player is actually in. In order to unlock a better car for my series I would either need to backtrack and re-run previous races, which is no fun, or play *shudder* online, which doesn't work.

In summary, fuck that game. There is too much else to play at the moment to screw around with an unfinished mess. There are finished messes that I could waste my time on.


Shadow Warrior is unremarkable but something very odd did happen with my Kinect last night.

I have slacked off of streaming for many month. One bad experience turned me off to it: the number of viewers notification was right in the middle of something important on the screen  and I could not turn it off. Months later and I remembered that it was there and had a good game for showing off. Stupid shit happens in Shadow Warrior quite often. I would not say that it is good but it does provide spectacle on regular intervals.

My Kinect is not ideally placed. It is too low, below the television, so when I turned on the face cam it gazed up at me at a very disconcerting angle right out of a horror movie. There was an auto-zoom option that I assumed would have the Kinect behave as it down when using Skype: zoom in on the person who was talking or moving. I turned it on, the Kinect thought for a few seconds, then focused on the wall behind me where it met the ceiling.

There was nothing there. Turned the option off, me, turned it back on, wall. This was wasting valuable time so I turned the camera off completely and streamed without it. A few hours later I shut it all down and walked away, then realized that I never turned around to see if anything was behind me or not.

That part of the basement was dark now. I opted to not investigate further. The Kinect can see in the dark, perhaps it can see further. Tune in tonight to see if I am devoured by the spirits in my basement.

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