Thursday, November 6, 2014


DriveClub, it two parts.

Part the first: the game itself.

DriveClub has an impossible act to follow, coming on the heels of Forza Horizon 2. It does not try to emulate it, opting for a more standard 'career' format of races and time trials. This works because each event is short and sweet with little repetition of location and tracks between them. The tracks certainly look great, and someone on the development team loved showing off particle effects because they are everywhere. Flower petals and confetti blow around cars in a surprisingly realistic fashion. Races move from day to night over a few laps. It looks good. Not Forza good, but still good.

Cars are a little floaty, especially when going over bumps or down hills. This may have been intentional but that when combined with the lack of racing line took a few races to get used to. The racing line is a crutch, I know that, but I do miss it. Still, I have little to complain about regarding the game itself. It should have been a launch title, but that is another story.

Part the second: everything else.

Everything else is broken as fuck. End of story. The game disconnects from its own servers for no reason which plays havoc with user created challenges. For example, there are average speed challenges that pop up during races that pit the player against other players. This is a good idea, a way to keep races interesting, as proved by, you guessed it, Forza Horizon 2. In DriveClub I routinely saw average speeds of over 1000 mph.

Either jets are unlockable, people are cheating, or the game is broken.

DriveClub is not finished yet. It is almost a year late and it still isn't finished. The 'free' version that was supposed to come out for PS+ users has been canceled. The retail version should have been canceled, too, or at least put back in the oven for another year.

Sony does not have many exclusives this year, nothing to compete with Sunset Overdrive and the Halo re-releases, anyway. This is not the game that...

Wait, what was that? The PS4 is still significantly outselling the Xbox One? As you were Sony, do whatever the fuck you want, but I really hope this comes back to bite you in the ass eventually,

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