Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Not as advertised

There is always just enough ammo available in The Evil Within. There is never enough to be comfortable or to not take extreme care with each shot, but I have yet to hit an encounter that I could not get passed for lack of bullets. A few have started out with me armed with nothing more than a few matches. Creativity, luck, and figuring out that corpses could be used as land mines have gotten me through. Please note that this is all on the normal difficulty. I assume that Hard reduces the player to fending off the monster horde with harsh language and obscene hand gestures.

Survival, yes. Horror, no.

The Evil Within is not frightening for the same reason that Resident Evil games have failed to raise a single goose bump in well over a decade: the game lacks subtlety. There is nothing subtle about being chased down the streets of a destroyed city by a giant spider think while riding in a bus with the top torn off. There was spectacle, it was a very cool sequence, but it was not frightening. Likewise, there is nothing subtle about rooms painted wall to wall with blood, body parts scattered about, giant people shredding garden weasels festooning the walls.

It is all spectacle, no scares. With that in mind, it does what it does better than Resident Evil 6 did. I know that's not a very high bar, but the game has managed to be fun in spite of the camera hating the player and voice acting straight out of Resident Evil 1. The last third has fallen apart with repeated boss fights and a city that belongs in the aftermath of Akira but it is still playable.

All niceties aside, what game were these people playing? Fucking marketers.

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