Friday, November 14, 2014

Sunset Underwhelmed

Time to dive into another of this season's big exclusives! I certainly hope this goes better than DriveClub.


God damnit.

Sunset Overdrive is not bad, I suppose, but I do not understand what it is trying to do. The crux of the game is movement. You must stay mobile at all times lest you get buried in monsters/robots/ruffians. You can grind on any rail type object (in spite of not having wheels on your feet), bounce on cars, wall run around corners, and generally defy the laws of physics at every opportunity. It sounds like fun, and it is, for a while, and then you try to do something else or engage in combat and the whole point of the game because its biggest weakness.

Just like all open world games there are collectibles scattered around the world. Sunset Overdrive is a very colorful, visually busy world so just seeing them is difficult, much less seeing them while you are dangling from a power line. Actually collecting them is a chore because you can't stop moving long enough to map out the correct path. There are almost always monsters on you tail. If you stop, they catch you, and then you die. This all leads to frustrating trail and error sessions that could have been avoided if the game just gave you some damn down time.

Combat is no better. It is all grinding and bouncing and sloppy shooting. I avoid it whenever possible and still die more than I should. The game addresses this by leveraging no death penalty. Die all you want, even in a mission, you just come back for more.

Open world games usually hit my OCD spot and end up collecting every little bit of junk that I can find. The Assassins' Creed games always do this. So did inFamous and I promise that Far Cry 4 will chew up and inordinate of amount of time. Sunset Overdrive does nothing for me. I have no desire to explore the environment or unlock better powers by collecting toilet paper and smelly tennis shoes (actually collectibles, by the way). It is going to be bulldozed through and forgotten for better games.

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  1. Aw. My Ratchet & Clank love really endeared me to SO. :( Shame.