Monday, November 24, 2014

The yearly ritual

I want to understand why I am spending a silly amount of time sailing around the world in Rogue, picking up glowing bit of useless flotsam when I refused to do the exact same thing in Sunset Overdrive. It is certainly easier to do so in Rogue. Once you liberate an area and stand on top of the tallest point everything of interest is automatically highlighted. Actually getting to the item is also easier as Assassin's Creed games long ago decided, for better or for worse, to do all of the mobility heavy lifting for the player.

There were maps available for purchase in Sunset Overdrive. Locomotion is both more hands on and more prone to interference from monsters but by the time I was done with the game I was grinding across the map like a pro. When I saw the tell tale glow of an item I would at least make an attempt to pick it up but the drive to empty a zone before moving on to the next just was not there.

Perhaps there is more incentive to collect them all in Rogue? In the beginning, yes, it makes sense to do as much as you can in areas to increase how much money comes rolling in, especially since you can purchase crafting goods from the general store instead of tromping around forests killing small, furry animals. At around the half way point I found that I had more money than I needed so there really is no reason to keep taking over forts and killing off gangs but I know that I will not stop.

Collectibles in Sunset Overdrive translate directly into new powers. If the powers were useful it would have been an excellent reason to find more of them but I made it through just fine with the boosts unlocked in the story missions. In terms of numbers there were even less things to find than there are in Rogue, yet it just didn't happen.

Why? I don't know. I think it is because collecting everything, killing everything and building everything is just what you do in an Assassin's Creed game. Playing just the story missions would be a bore. The world is emergent enough, especially with the introduction of piracy, that moving around in it is enjoyable. I suppose I can compare it to a small scale Elder Scrolls game, only much smaller and it comes out every year.

In November I stab people in the back, fund building projects and sail around, looking for treasure chests. That is just what happens. This year I might even get to do it twice.

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