Wednesday, December 3, 2014

+1, but only just

I buckled down last night and crafted myself a nice new bow in Inquisition. It was just slightly better than last bow. The improvement was such that I was not sure that it was worth the time and effort but that is how everything advances in the game. Weapons don't move from mundane long sword to sword of god slaying in a single drop. It is much more akin mundane long sword to slightly sharper mundane long sword. This does two things, neither of which are bad if you have patience, One, when I finally get the long sword of god slaying it will be fucking sweet and it will actually mean something. Second, I have to be very careful about where I go and what I do because running into encounters that are significantly over my is both easy and fatal.

Individual areas are large enough that they contain sections for different levels. I was exploring the first area, fully intent on cleaning it out before advancing, when I hit a fade rift populated by demons a full four levels higher than my main character. Another corner of the map was guarded by a dragon and her children.

I ran away from the dragon. The demons killed me because hubris.

Yes, it is certainly a slow paced game. It does not feel very 'Dragon Age' yet, either. The open areas really do resemble an Elder Scrolls game, only with a party and more unforgiving combat. This is not the game that I had psyched myself up for and it will take a few more days to pull my head around and not be annoyed that the game will not be over in thirty hours. Taking a break in the next few days to play Game of Thrones will help.

...and I could always practice Geometry Wars 3.

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