Monday, December 15, 2014

Critical mass

Now I've done it. I went and bought a new fighting game (Guilty Gear Xrd) whilst playing a very long, very good RPG (Dragon Age: Inquisition) and a significant update and new mode just hit for my primary fighting game (Ultra Street Fighter 4 balance patch plus Omega mode). There is only one thing left to do: quit my job and game 24/7 until the money runs out, then die happy.

Simple math tells me that would only take a few days. Unemployment is not an option. All I can do is sleep less, play more, and hope that Dragon Age isn't quite as long as I think it might by. Forty hours in and I have barely touched the story. Damn, it might even be longer.

I have put all of thirty minutes into Guilty Gear Xrd as my new stick will not be arriving until today. It was just enough time to touch a few characters and to pick out my project: May.

No laughing. May is pretty much Blanka with a command throw, projectiles and a big fucking anchor. Yes, the projectiles are dolphins or beach balls and yes, one of her supers summons a giant whale and yes, she is in no way intimidating looking. But she is, at least partially, a charge character, and that is just how my brain works. I have not put any time into Guilty Gear since the first game on PS1 so I might as well be starting over. It is exciting and I wish I had more time for it. I doubt I will move much past 'noob' but it is the first next generation fighting game and I (foolishly) plan to acquire as many as possible. Depending on netcode they may all end up being on the PS4, but that remains to be seen.


Dragon Age soldiers on and has yet to stop being entertaining. I have started to come across areas that I should have done earlier. The XP rewards are minimal at best, but seeing enemies explode into a fine mist after a critical hit makes up for it. Enemies do not level with you so being completely over powered is both possible and very enjoyable. It is the final reward for emptying out previous zones of both quests and monsters.

Story? Um, I have lost track of it. Something, something, big bad, something, darkspawn. The overarching narrative has been completely usurped by sub-quests and adventuring for the sake of adventuring. How can I be expected to keep track of the big things when I am encouraging Varric to finish his soft porn book series for Cassandra, the pent up seeker? 


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