Friday, December 19, 2014

Inquiring minds

For a game that I have put almost fifty hours into Dragon Age: Inquisition certainly hasn't been talked about much. I am almost always thinking about it but what is going through my head isn't terribly interesting. There is a middle age grocery list of things to do/kill that is constantly being updated that I worry about in my spare moments. For example, last night I unlocked Varric's quest and I need to return to an old area and find a cave that is being used to mine red lyrium. Since I am there I might as well try to find the landmarks I am missing. And I still haven't picked a sub class because I haven't figured out how to.

And I need to check in with Cassandra whenever possible because reasons.

It sounds like a chore but it certainly is not. Collecting minutia can and will become boring eventually. There is just the right amount in each area that I am moving on to the next just before I get tired of the current one. Areas differ so wildly in look and difficulty that just walking around in them is enjoyable. Going back to old areas and killing much lower level enemies does cease to reward XP, something I don't agree with, but they die quickly and messily when hit from behind with a 4000 point critical.

Boom. Splatter. And Iron Bull approves (even though he is never in my party).

There is no hard level cap in the game but what I have read makes it seem like getting much past 21 or 22 is not likely. My rogue is level 19 and I have not been exactly cleaning out areas. Most of the quests get done, the interesting ones anyway, and then I move on. The only major one left hanging that I can think of is in an area so large that riding around on horseback is the only way to get around. It's too big and the cave I am supposed to find is too well hidden for me to bother with it. There are plenty of other places to go, other dragons to kill.

That is the brilliance of Inquisition. Get bored of one thing? There are a dozen other options, each more productive than the last. Nothing is pointless, nothing is filler. The only thing the game does wrong is prevent me from playing anything else.


This means that the worst of the year award will need to be decided soon.  Escape Dead Island is making many lists and it is sitting next to my television, waiting. I will play but not until next year so it is out of the running. It's been a bad year for bad games, which is good if you like good games, but bad when you like to take a break from good games with bad games.

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