Monday, December 8, 2014


A good barometer for how much I am enjoying a game is the amount of time away from the game that I spend thinking about it. When my Street Fighter switch is in the on position I think about it all the time, to the detriment of getting anything done. It is currently in the off position, which is good, as there are quite a few other games that need to be played. When I was playing Skyrim it so dominated by mind that I made a very ill conceived foray into fan fiction. I will not link them, they are that embarrassing, but in my imagination my character had more to say and do than could be contained in a few hours of playing every night.

Dragon Age is approaching this level. I have thought about the end of the first act for several days. It was the perfect act break and signaled the game world opening up to the player to a greater degree and it was already huge. The bad guy was bad, my hero started to believe in himself, there were tragic deaths, last minute rescues, and the whole inquisition up and moved to a new base.

And there was a giant dragon that I will undoubtedly end up fighting in forty hours. It will be epic.

It's not just the big things that keep coming back. I think about my party and who my character wants to hang out with. It has been relatively consistent for the first third and may remain so as I have already picked out my favorites. There are more characters that I don't like than there were in previous games, like the obnoxious elven rogue or the snooty mage who will never see time out in the field. The ones that I do like more than make up for it. There is the conflicted seeker who started the inquisition and had to had all of the power over to the player, a loner grey warden and an apostate mage who I keep around because he is basically Spock.

Old school Spock, not that wierdo from the new not-Star Trek movies.

My little away team wanders from area to area, avoiding main quests whenever possible, sometime hitting the difficulty sweet spot and other times wandering into the teeth of enemies that I shouldn't even look at for five more levels. There is no death penalty, a decision that I appreciate as the first warning that you are not in an appropriate area is usually the party dying.

I could do this for a long, long time.

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