Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's the little things

There is one tiny, seemingly insignificant design choice in Dragon Age: Inquisition that is, at present, only mildly annoying. In forty plus hours I will probably be made irrationally upset by it because that is what I do, focus on the minutia and allow it to color otherwise exceptional experiences. This may be a symptom of something larger. I will never know because shrinks are expensive and who has time for that, anyway.

Inquisition is intent on pressing the player into crafting items. I do not enjoy browsing menus and have managed to avoid it in every game that has every featured the mechanic. Weapon drops in Inquisition are not very good and I am finding myself behind the curve, DPS wise. There is little choice in the matter. Add to that weapon upgrades that can be attached and removed and a good ten minutes of every hour are spent playing excel spread sheets, the game.

This is already annoying. What makes it almost intolerable is that none of this can happen in the field. You have to travel back to your home base, walk to the blacksmith, and only then are you allowed to be bored. I am not pleased with this scenario. If the game is going to force me into crafting at least let me do it when I find the items I need instead of losing even more time to load screens and fast travel. Screw realism, this game has fucking dragons and zombies in it. If I can suspend my disbelief long enough to appreciate them surly being able to attach a pointy hilt to a sword without a roaring fire and anvil present will not break the game's immersion.

Breath. Breath. This game is good, I will enjoy it.

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