Friday, December 5, 2014

The good kind

Dragon Age did something absolutely brilliant last night but I cannot discuss it without spoiling a few things. It is still early in the game, but regardless, you have been warned.

I have never been a fan of time travel as a device central to the plot. It never holds up to scrutiny and is a cheap way for a story to do what it wants without it having to make any sense. A wizard did it becomes so and so is from the future, come back to warn someone else about something. Dragon Age has both wizards and has begun to dabble in time travel, the double deus ex machina.

It had the potential to be really, really stupid. Without going into too much detail, it was used sparingly and to great effect. The player is shown what the price of his or her failure will be and indirectly introduced to the game's big bad by being thrown forward in time by one year. In that year the world has basically ended, the other party members who survived have been physically and emotionally broken and it is the player character's fault. From their perspective you died and with you all hope.

This is the most interesting thing that has happened in about fifteen hours of playing. I thought only Final Fantasy games were allowed to have tutorials that long.


Something, something, Street Fighter 5 exclusive to PS4, something.

Do I believe it? Not really. But I have both systems for a reason. This also provided a better reason that just Guilty Gear to get a PS4 stick.

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