Monday, December 1, 2014

Too much, too much

Long, holiday weekend and much to catch up on.

Assassin's Creed: Rogue almost had an ending. Almost. Rogue occurs concurrently to Assassin's Creed 3 so we get to see Haytham Kenway being a bad ass before Connor kills him. I am having a hard time connecting what happens to the assassin Achilles at the end of Rogue with 3 but that is most likely because I played 3 several years ago. Achilles doesn't die, so I am not spoiling anything, but Haytham does something much, much crueler than killing him.

Rogue degenerates to the standard Assassin's Creed confusion when the game jumps forward quite a few years, bringing Shay to London. He kills someone who is no doubt important in Unity, says things that don't make sense, and then the credits role. I must say that I was satisfied, both with the game and the fact that by the time I play Unity it might actually work.


Help me, I am a sucker for Tell Tale games. Tales from the Borderlands was impossible to resist. It has proven two things. One, Tell Tale is capable of much more than the depressing narratives of The Walking Dead and The Wold Among Us. Tales from the Borderlands is laugh out loud funny and very true to its source. Choosing Patrick Warburton as the voice for the evil business man antagonist was a brilliant move.

It plays just the same as the previous games and will probably be no different than this weeks Game of Thrones. The strength of these games is in the story and the illusion of control over it. They are great ways to kill an evening when I have been working on another game for days and/or weeks.

Speaking of games taking weeks...

I am never intimidated by a game's content. Strike that, no game that doesn't have Elder Scrolls in the title has ever made me look slack jawed at a menu or map while I tried to figure out what to do next. Add Dragon Age: Inquisition to that very short list. Someone over at BioWare heard all the complaints about Dragon Ago 2 and decided that the best way to answer them was to build a goddamn world for the player to run around in and fill it full of interesting, productive things to do. I have yet to leave the first area.

It has been almost six hours. In the same area. And I am far from board.

I almost can't get my head around it. The game appears to have no end. I am sure it does, there are a finite number of places to unlock in the war room, but when the very first one is as large as some games I begin to worry. Not about this game, no, I worry for other games that aren't going to played any time soon.

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