Thursday, December 11, 2014


There is a down side to the slow progression in Dragon Age, namely that it is very possible to play the game for extended periods of time and have almost nothing happen. This does not mean that the player is not doing anything. On the contrary, I have spent the last six hours cleaning out an area that has no significance to the plot whatsoever. But nothing happens. No new characters, little dialogue, just my party killing its way from one end of the wilderness to the other.

This may not necessarily be a bad thing. Elder Scrolls games work because the journey is always more interesting than the destination. Fetch quest? No problem, there are a dozen caves, two towns and innumerable sub-quests between here and there. The player is allowed to build his or her own narrative based on their own actions, not the beats that the game has planned out. Dragon Age does this but six hours between plot events is a bit much. Another dragon or giant would be enough to break the monotony of closing rifts, killing demons and collecting stuff.

At worst this is a half hearted complaint. I have taken up residence in Dragon Age's world and will be sticking it out for the long haul. The games on the list will simply have to wait their turn. Guilty Gear Xrd could be an issue, and it would have been one today if the store that held my preorder would have allowed me to purchase it. Street dates, blah blah, they have been broken everywhere else, let me hand you money for the game!

A shrug was all I got and then I remembered why I left that business.

At least this way the game and my new stick will arrive around the same time. The demo of Guilty Gear Xrd on a pad was torture. I am not going to be any good at the game but I at least want to be in control of my terribleness.

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